• Satsang with Gautam Sachdeva

    Satsang with Gautam Sachdeva

    The Myth of Separation Gautam Sachdeva takes us through the illusion of ‘separation’ – me versus the other. He points out the underlying unity of all beings and, in fact, all things.  In this simple, short yet insightful talk, he walks us through the core concept of Advaita – not from the point of view of scriptures but, rather, one that is rooted in daily living. Gautam also goes to the heart of the teachings on ‘being in the present moment’. He shares insights from Advaita sage Ramesh Balsekar, as well as best-selling spiritual author and teacher Eckhart Tolle.  He ... Read More »
  • Spirited Circle with Charles Eisenstein

    Spirited Circle with Charles Eisenstein

  • Reflections on Spirited’s!

  • Empty Hands Pilgrimage

    Empty Hands Pilgrimage

    ” Khaali haath aayein hain…Khaali haath jayenge…” “We come empty handed and we go empty handed.” These were the lines which Nimo heard many years ago while listening to a particular song and it stirred something within him. Who knew that these very lines would inspire him to create music from the heart, for so many other hearts. Nimo ‘ Nimesh Patel’ walked into our home last week and filled it with love, joy, warmth and music that makes one realise the power of good, the power of kindness, the power of the human spirit. As he held us in ... Read More »
  • Spirited Satsang with friends from the Kabir Project!

  • Happy Wednesdays!

    Neha, a Wednesday anchor at The Urban Ashram shares: ” I loved the inspiring passage that Khushmita sent our group by email which was to be read out post the Wednesday silence. So many realizations were popping up for me while I read the passage and in the silent hour. Let me start with a beautiful sharing apart from the passage. Today, in the evening before the silent hour started, Read More »
  • I’d rather be at Wednesdays!

    I’d rather be at Wednesdays!

  • Gift Circles

    Gift Circles

    GIFT= Giving In Full Trust “To live in the gift is to relinquish the compulsion to control, the program to label and number the world, the quest for reductionist certainty, the drive to convert the world into money and property.” “You can’t make community without gifts. Community is woven from gifts and stories.” – Charles Eisenstein The community at the Urban Ashram greatly enjoyed the opportunity to host a special guest for three days this month—Charles Eisenstein, the author of several books including ‘Sacred Economics’, ‘The Ascent of Humanity’ and ‘A More Beautiful World that Our Heart Knows is Possible’. ... Read More »