Happy Wednesdays!

Neha, a Wednesday anchor at The Urban Ashram shares:

” I loved the inspiring passage that Khushmita sent our group by email which was to be read out post the Wednesday silence. So many realizations were popping up for me while I read the passage and in the silent hour. Let me start with a beautiful sharing apart from the passage.

Today, in the evening before the silent hour started, I went to meet Khush and while we were having a conversation I thanked her for sending out such a beautiful passage for us to reflect on. She shared how she had found this passage after reading thru the Awakin.org archives. In her search for today’s passage, she read 9 passages and finally she liked the 10th passage which she shared this evening. I took my first lesson of generosity and patience from her, about how invisible this practice of generosity and patience was performed as selfless service, so that she could share the best inspiration amidst the circle.

As I was reflecting on the passage at home, an incident happened with me. I was in a middle of a conversation with my Dad and in that we landed up having an argument where he raised his voice and in that I also reacted raising my voice. Loosing my patience, I forgot that this is not who I am, and very soon I realized my mistake and decided to heal the situation. The only feeling I received was giving metta to myself and him. I silently practiced giving metta and in few moments the situation was healed. Sometimes silence is more powerful than words when it’s put out with pure energy. I believe if we have pure intention behind our words it’s easy to let the action happen.

The circle was powerful as everyone shared with their own experiences and what I like the most about today’s sharing was it was absolutely free and from the heart.

Murtuza shared a beautiful story wherein a man is in the prison for 14years and in this period, he ended up meditating for almost 10 years. When he was released from the prison he decided to go into different prisons and teach meditation to help prisoners practice silence. When interviews were taken of his students, one of the prisoners who has serving a life sentence shared the impact in his life. He shared “After practicing silence I feel so different from the earlier years and though I am still in prison I am free from within. This prison is an illusion and in similar manner people create their own prison in the outer world not being free from within.”

Divya shared her learning from watching a Kabir movie by Shabnam Virmani:

“A robber is robbing and the police is catching the robber. The divine is in robber and the divine is in the police. When a mother is trying to convince her child not to cry, the divine is in mother and at the same time in child. How strange is this. The other person is just the reflection of our actions at times and these small learnings help me to understand that what is within is reflected outside and divine is everywhere. We all are one”

Another beautiful thing happened after the sharing round. As I stepped into the kitchen to prepare plates for everyone, I saw the dining table filled with gifts. Each gift had a name on it for whom the gift was intended and came along with a activity card from the Smile Deck inspiring the recepient to pay forward the kindness. We are still guessing who this anonymous rockstar was!!

When I saw this sight of gifts on the table for different person with a personalized note,very moment I felt blessed to be in the space and the people around me. Feeling deep gratitude to my noble friends for giving me an opportunity to grow on my own showing me different ways which lead me home. My self realization practice is becoming more stronger observing the generosity,love,patience,kindness around me.

Rippling out loads of love and warm hugs to express “I love you” to all my noble friends who make me a better “me”!

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