Laughter Yoga

Did you know you can laugh even if you don’t feel like laughing? You don’t need a great sense of humor to laugh; you can laugh even if you’re not happy.

In fact, you can laugh for no reason – With Laughter Yoga!

Laughter Yoga is the latest Health Craze sweeping the world where anyone can laugh without any reason. It is truly a life changing experience for millions.

Anyone can do it; it is scientifically proven; easy to learn and a lot of fun. People can feel the benefits right from the very first session. It is also practiced in companies and corporations, Fitness centers, Yoga studios, Centers for Seniors, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Physically and mentally challenged and Self help cancer groups.


What is Laughter Yoga?
Laughter Yoga is a unique exercise routine developed by Indian physician Dr. Madan Kataria. It combines laughter exercises with yoga breathing (Pranayama) which brings in more oxygen to the body and brain making one feel more energetic and healthy.

Anyone can laugh without relying on humor, jokes and comedy. Laughter is simulated as a body exercise in a group but with eye contact and childlike playfulness it turns into real and contagious laughter. It is based on the scientific fact that the body cannot tell the difference between fake and real laughter.


Why do Laughter Yoga?
In order to get the scientifically proven benefits of laughter, one must laugh for 15 to 20 minutes a day and laughter should be hearty and loud. This is not possible in real life as natural laughter is conditional and comes for few seconds here and there and is not enough to bring health benefits. Through Laughter Yoga one can laugh for an extended period of time and heartily because it is being done as a physical exercise and not a mental process.


What is a Laughter Club?
Laughter clubs are social clubs where people of any age group get together and do Laughter Yoga exercises usually for an hour to reap the multiple health benefits of laughter and breathing exercises. It provides a rich social network of caring and sharing relationships.

Laughter clubs are FREE for all. There is no membership fee, no forms and no fuss. They are run by volunteers trained as laughter leaders and teachers.  They are non- political, non-religious and non-profit organizations run under the auspices of Laughter Yoga International.  Our ultimate objective is to bring good health, joy and world peace through laughter.


What happens in a Laughter Session?
A typical Laughter Yoga session is led by a laughter leader or teacher who controls the group, gives instructions for different laughter, breathing and stretching exercises.  We encourage members to cultivate child like playfulness and make eye contact, which leads to real and spontaneous laughter. It includes clapping, chanting, movements and lots of different styles of laughter, the objective being to laugh freely and in an uninhibited manner.


Benefits of Laughter Yoga:
Laughter Yoga provides multiple benefits in all aspects of one’s life such as personal, emotional, physical, social and many more!

1.      It helps one to Smile more often and develop a better sense of humour.

2.     Boosts Self confidence and energy levels.

3.     Increases blood supply to the brain to enhance efficiency & productivity.

4.     10 mins of Laughter yoga = 30 mins of intense cardiovascular exercise.

5.     Decreases negative effects of stress on the body.

6.     Strengthens immune system, lowers blood pressure, controls blood sugar, improves heart functioning, powerful antidote to depression.

7.     Improves the emotional, mental and physical well being of a person remarkably.


About Your Trainer:

laughter yoga
Khushmita Sanghvi is a health and fitness consultant and has been training people to lead healthy lifestyles for the past 10 years.

With numerous  international certifications under her belt in fitness, Yoga, counseling and therapy, she is a living example of how to enhance your life with positive techniques and completely heal and modify your lifestyle habits in order to live with abundance and good health.

She takes the adage “ Laughter is the best Medicine” to a whole new level with her infectious laughter and inspiring trainings conducted in social and spiritual organizations, corporates, schools, hospitals, senior homes, etc


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