Be melting snow.
Wash yourself of yourself.

At The Urban Ashram, we believe that our space is a field of infinite possibilities for the good to ripple out into the Universe. Though we focus on spontaneous little acts of kindness when moved by the spirit, a few of those little acts have gone on to become regular activities.

Yogashala: A community of teachers that practice Yoga with a twist

Wednesday Nights: A celebration of silence every Wednesday at 7 pm

Spirited: An initiative to invite inspiring speakers to share their life’s learnings and experiences. The gathering usually starts of with 30 mins of silence, followed by the talk and Q&A with the speaker.

Laughter Yoga: Experience the latest Health Craze sweeping the world where anyone can laugh without any reason.

Movie Club: Join a group of individuals who meet frequently to watch movies together. This is followed by a round of sharing where participants express their key learnings from the movie screened.

Pilgrim Hearts: Retreats that open up your heart to the mysteries of life

Spreading Smiles: A community outreach model that aims at bringing down more love, light and laughter on Planet Earth!

Spread the Word: Imagine a unique pay-it-forward library where books are shared freely, with zero demand for its return, yet only a sincere request that they be gifted forward and not hoarded.