Awakin gatherings started when three friends got together in 1996 to sit in silence, every Wednesday, in an ordinary living room in Silicon Valley.

No teachers or gurus. No set agendas or proposed beliefs either. Just one strong principle — when you change within, the world changes. And instead of closing the door, they left it open … to all. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today at these gatherings, people sit in silence for the first hour, engage in a circle of reflective sharing in the second hour, and conclude the night by receiving a delicious home-cooked meal. A palpable sense of gratitude and community weaves through it all. The ripples of inner transformation are countless — and continue on.

wednesdayWhat are Awakin gatherings all about?
A gathering of individuals who aspire to “come alive” by sharing their silence with each other for an hour! There is no fee to attend, just a request for you to spread the ripples of peace experienced with all.

Why Silence?
Our daily routine is so full of activity and mental as well as external noise that we spare little time and attention to listening to the voice within. An hour of silence offers the opportunity to discover our self, our own truth and our own solutions to the challenges in our life.

Silence enables us to anchor in the perfection of the present moment – the Now.

What to “do”?
You are encouraged to just BE. This is one of the most effective ways of allowing your own clarity to emerge.

Consider a shaken-up, muddy glass of water: it’s hard to look through it, but if you let it sit still for a while, the mud goes to the bottom and the water remains clear on the top. Similarly, in silence we still our minds to experience, with increasing clarity, that which is real for us right now.

However, you are welcome to read, journal, chant silently, or do anything else that helps you achieve inner peace, without disturbing other participants.

Why in a group?
A group encourages resilience and commitment to practice, which is helpful in instilling discipline in our own self. Additionally, after the hour of silence, you will have the choice of interacting with diverse, interesting people who are consciously working on growth and self-development.

Who can attend?
A quote by a famous Sufi poet, Rumi, best describes our inspired gathering

Come, come, whoever you are!
Wanderer, wonderer, worshipper…
It does not matter!
Ours is not a caravan of despair
Come, come,
Even if you have broken your vow a hundred times,
Ours is a portal of hope, so come as you are..


Awakin gatherings are conducted at the following spaces in Pune every week!

If you wish to attend any of the gatherings in Pune, email us:

1. Mondays, 6 am onwards at Holistic Health Centre, Bibwewadi, Pune

2. Tuesdays, 7 pm onwards, Neeti and Sanjeev’s home, Nigdi

3. Wednesdays, 7 pm onwards at The Urban Ashram, Mukundnagar, Pune

4. Thursdays, 5 pm onwards at Dignity Foundation, Wanowrie, Pune

Awakin gatherings are hosted in many cities globally. Find one near you! (text-listing.)